Vertebrate Genomics Club, a.k.a "The Verge"

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics (CVG) was created to enhance research and education in vertebrate genetics and functional genomics at Cornell University. As part of that overall goal, the CVG aims to foster research interactions amongst vertebrate geneticists and other faculty. The monthly "Verge" meetings were started to increase awareness among CVG members of the different research programs that currently exist on campus, to share up-to-date information from conferences and the scientific literature, and to encourage interactions between CVG members.

The "Verge" meets at Noon on the second Tuesday of each month. Lunch will be provided at 11:45 AM.

Organizers: John Schimenti and Paul Soloway
If you need accommodations to participate in this event, please contact Charlotte Williams.

Upcoming Schedule

May 9, 2017 Rory Todhunter
Preliminary analysis of RNA Seq of dysplastic and control hip soft tissues
Elia Tait Wojno
Notch signaling controls basophil gene expression programs during intestinal helminth infection.
LH3 Vet Tower

Recent Presentations

Apr 11, 2017 Andrew Grimson
Finding interesting microRNAs in the Vet School
Wenke Wang (Lee Lab)
The roles of SET-9 and SET-26 in Longevity and Germline Function
Feb 14, 2017 Jeffrey Pleiss
From yeast to humans: understanding the mechanisms of pre-mRNA splicing regulation and mis-regulation in cancer
John Lis
Unveiling Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation Using Genome-wide Strategies
Jan 10, 2017 Douglas Antczak
Genomic Approach to Invasion Mechanisms of the Placenta
Paula Cohen
Investigating Mechanisms of Crossover Control in Mammalian Meiosis
Dec 13, 2016 Patsy Brannon
Nutritionally Responsive Genes Regulate Placental Trophoblast Cell Growth
Kimberly O'Brien
Genetic Determinants of Iron Status and Potential Impact on Risk of Chronic Disease in Asians
Nov 8, 2016 Alon Keinan
Locus in human FADS gene family exhibits population-specific, diet-determined adaptation due to its role in fatty acid synthesis.
Marcus Smolka
Probing Kinase Action in DNA Repair and Cancer Pathways
Sep 13, 2016 Scott Coonrod
Escape Pathway Signaling in ER+ Breast Cancer
Joseph Fetcho
Fetcho lab project sampler: sleep, neuronal migration, and imaging the activity of every neuron in a brain.
May 10, 2016 Kevin Mazor (Stipanuk Lab)
4EBP1-Independent Inhibition of mRNA Translation by Methionine Starvation
Zhenlong Gu
Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Diseases: Young and Old
Apr 12, 2016 Thomas Cleland
A review of resources for Behavioral Phenotyping
Peter Schweitzer
An overview of services and instrumentation available in the Genomics Facility
Jen Grenier
An overview of the RNA Sequencing Core

Past Presentations