CVG Knowledge Forum

The CVG provides an online forum for our community members to ask questions, receive answers, and host discussions related to research in vertebrate genomics. Forum moderators are available to assist with community questions and facilitate discussion. Trainees may find this particularly useful.  Discussion threads are categorized under four topic tags:
#Bioinformatics, #CRISPR, #Techniques, #Resources

How to join the CVG Forum:

  1. Login to the Cornell Yammer website. Login instructions here.
  2. Search for and join the "CVG Forum" yammer group. Instructions here.
  3. Create a CVG-specific profile, by updating the following yammer profile fields. Instructions here.
    • Name: Confirm that your name is correctly entered.
    • Expertise: Enter the research topics, technologies, and areas of expertise about which you would be willing to help answer questions.
    • Interests (optional): Enter the research topics and technologies which you are particularly interested to discuss, or which relate to your research projects.
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