CVG Journal Club

The CVG Journal Club holds discussions of current articles drawn from broad, interdisciplinary topics which describe useful approaches, tools, and resources in genomics. Graduate students and post-docs in CVG labs will choose the topics/articles and lead the discussion. All CVG members and lab members are encouraged to attend. Meetings will be once per month, informal (and even fun!!), with snacks and drinks provided.

Faculty Advisor: Praveen Sethupathy
Student Organizers 2019-2020: Erica Shu and Jon Villanueva

CVG Journal Club meets the last Thursday each month from 4:30-5:30pm in either 221 Weill Hall or the 9th Floor Conference Room of Veterinary Research Tower (T9006C VRT).
If you need accommodations to participate in this event, please contact Charlotte Williams.

Upcoming Schedule Fall 2019

October 3, 2019 in T2002D VRT

  • Presenter: Austin Hovland (Simoes-Costa Lab)
  • Presentation: Benabdallah, Nezha S., et al. "Decreased enhancer-promoter proximity accompanying enhancer activation." Molecular cell (2019). Online PDF

October 24, 2019 in 221 Weill

  • Presenter: Gaetano Scuderi (Butcher Lab)
  • Presentation: Cui, Yueli, et al. "Single-cell transcriptome analysis maps the developmental track of the human heart." Cell reports 26.7 (2019): 1934-1950. Online PDF

December 5, 2019 in T9006C VRT

  • Blitz format
  • Presenters TBD

Past Presentations