Research and Career Training in Vertebrate Developmental Genomics

The Center for Vertebrate Genomics (CVG) administers an NIH training grant in vertebrate developmental genomics. This grant supports three pre-doctoral students. Eligible students have passed their A-exam and have a PI who is designated as a trainer on the grant. Candidate applications are typically accepted each year in the Fall semester.

Current Trainees

  • Mr. Adam He, Danko laboratory.
  • Ms. Lauren Walter, Cosgrove laboratory.
  • Ms. Kieran Koch-Laskowski, Sethupathy laboratory.

Past Trainees

  • Mr. Austin Hovland, Simoes-Costa laboratory.
  • Mr. Gaetano Scuderi, Butcher laboratory.
  • Ms. Amanda Touey, Cohen laboratory.
  • Ms. Katherine Alexander, Garcia-Garcia laboratory.
  • Mr. Adam Bisogni, Lin laboratory.
  • Ms. Jordana Bloom, Schimenti laboratory.
  • Ms. Chelsea Gregg, Butcher laboratory.
  • Mr. Elliot Kahen, Lee laboratory.
  • Mr. John McElwee, Coonrod laboratory.
  • Ms. Ashley Palmer, Stover laboratory.
  • Mr. Ian Rose, Nikitin laboratory.
  • Mr. David Taylor, Soloway laboratory.
  • Mr. Nathan Tippens, Lis laboratory.
  • Ms. Marsha Wallace, Schimenti laboratory.
  • Mr. Ian Welsh, Kurpios laboratory.